I'm flying! (literally)


What more unpractical junk could I fit into my 6x4 metres living room? WELL, A POLE!

If you saw how the pole is "held" you'd probably have a heart attack- it's not held, I'm balancing on the floor and spinning. Which is why I'm holding for dear life and not pulling an inch away from it. This pole is in actual fact not for this apartment, it's not long enough, but I couldn't resist climbing on the thing. I JUST. LOVE it.

Anyone here poledances??

I'm just starting. It's very challenging, I admire girls who can do it well. My friend Victoria is great at it, she gave us a little show at the Stables - i believe I might have posted her photo here??- It was amazing, upside down. Anyway. I always had in the back of my head that I wanted to learn, but over in London it wasn't as popular as in the States, and with my infamous upper body strength - can't do a push-up- it seemed a little unrealistic. But never one to be stopped by reality or logical limitations, when my friend Rhianne started learning this year I thought, yea, let's do it.

I was telling her, I might have to start posting my What I Wore on the pole, that would be a real niche.