I've had the worst month in a loong time, thankfully I've learnt to cope better by now and so nothing really breaks me. But man, talk about bad luck. First I injured my knee, then caught a gastrointeritis straight after, knee again, my flat got repossessed, my new landlord harassed me and then flooded my basement. It's not gonna deter me, but it's time consuming. I'm looking for a new flat, that's my priority right now. Today i went to Hackney, I always wanted to have a Hackney experience, but it turned out to be...rougher than I expected, to say the least. Let's face it, it was  Resident Evil. The search continues, hopefully I'll find something before they bury me in concrete. I really love Camden and I'm so upset to have to be leaving, but finding a flat of the size of mine here for less than a million dolla's is damn near impossible.

I took these pics at an apartment I went to see in Camden by the canal, beauuutiful place, the size of a pea.

mar25_sun5 mar25_sun4 mar25_sun3 mar25_sun2