I've been extremely frustrated with it lately. My hair naturally has a wave, and this is pretty much how it would look after being tied up. Well, after all my brazilian straightening treatments the wave is no more...Even more than six months after my last treatment, it falls flat on my head and doesn't hold the slightest curl. So what I'm having to do now is curl it with the Cloud Nine conical wand, the only thing that works, and I burn myself every time because that thing is so damn big. I'm curling it with the wand, wearing long sleeves because it's so long that it's bumping against my forearm all the time and it leaves pretty serious burns with the slightest touch, unlike regular curling irons. I'd like a protective arm glove please.

Anyway! Then I apply Apres Beach spray from Oribe, which is like a sort of hairstyling salt spray without the salt. And this is the product I wanted to tell you about. It smells delicious and gives it that fuzzy quality and that beach look, I love love love it. The more you apply it the shinier it gets. This was after THREE days of applying this stuff everyday, so it looks particularly piecey by now, but as you can see the curl is still there which is major progress, and I still really like it, I don't like a clean look anyway, I don't think it looks good on me. I really like my hair like this, I'm kind of used to it cause it's how my hair used to look by itself! . I don't know what I'll do come Summer because I love that slick feeling you get with the brazilian...We shall see.

I'm also setting it with hairspray, and of course when I get out of the shower I put a dollop of Moroccanoil as usual, and before blowdrying I'm using Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray, which to be completely honest I'm not sure it's doing anything but I'm using it up.

I'll keep you updated with what more I find to handle it, I want to try an Oribe Superfine hairspray next. I think hairspray also makes a bit difference in getting the waves to last.

What are you guys doing with your hair? Do share your experiences with brazilians, Oribe, curling wands... I'd like to find one that keeps the curl and doesn't burn me, but so far no luck! I also have their waving wand which is much easier to use but doesn't curl my hair much right now.

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