I don't know what happened yesterday but I suddenly decided I needed to wear baggy jeans. It's part of this thing I do every once in a while where I feel scrutinized as a female so I wear men's clothes for a bit, and somehow it takes away a bit of pressure, I feel less observed. I've done it before - a lot - shopping in the men's section, but these jeans are great cause they actually fit my waist which is a good thing. They are most certainly from the girly section; they fit great. Count me in this bandwagon, i love it

sep28 current Current Elliot cropped boyfriend jeans (size 23), Miu Miu studded belt, navy suede moccasins, top from 2nd Day, Balenciaga black Work bag, Agent Provocateur Fifi bra that I finally got in a 30B which is perfect.


This is what I wore to Spearmint Rhino in the afternoon for a launch. I wanted something easy and casual.

sep28 spearmint3sep28 spearmintsep28 spearmint2 Velvet jacket from Unconditional, cashmere/modal tank top from 2nd Day, cargo shorts from J brand, pumps from Sergio Rossi, Chloe bag. Wolford tights that I managed to break. If you're looking for pointy pumps like these, this is a great medium heel height that is not uncomfortable and allows you to walk in a sexy way, which is really what it's about.

I'm linking below to similar items or others that I've seen and recommend. There's some fabulous blue velvet jackets and pumps...oh god, i love blue velvet silk.

Is this the most beautiful bottle of vodka you've ever seen?

sep28 skull

I took it home for my Evian needs. Skull glass refillable bottle. YES PLEASE


"It's nice to hug! Try hugging it Diana, it's like a dead boyfriend"