may27 ysl pumps5 Sandro white cotton sweater (similar), & Other Stories black t shirt (similar from Helmut), MiH cut offs, Saint Laurent Paris pumps (here in patent), Celine bag

I wanted to show you what I wore today, this outfit was more aspirational than anything, as it was really not that hot. But the sun came out, so the shorts followed, I decided I am now brave enough to wear them without tights, et voila.

What I really wanted to talk about is the pumps, you might have seen these hovering around Instagram, I'm still trying to figure out the perfect heel-sticker to wear them with which is why I halted introductions for a bit. Wtf is up with those rubber heel ones? rubber gets you all sweaty and then it slips even more, no? I need ALL the suggestions I can get. What do you guys wear pumps with so you don't slip out?

These are the first, by Saint Laurent Paris and they are the perfect pump. I chose the small 6.5cm height because I wanted something for every day. I have a whole post coming up on pumps, I did a lot of research.

may27 ysl pumps4may27 ysl pumps

DANCE MOVESmay27 dance movesmay27 dance moves2

The second ones I got are the LK Bennett Florina from their more expensive range which is kind of similar to the normal one but more padded/better leather and with perfect heel height, which for me is crucial. I really, really liked this peachy nude color and the architecture of the shoe is flawless. They are really comfy:

may27 shorts2may27 shorts

Let's see some outside pictures. It's always so fun to stand outside with a big camera by myself and amuse passer-bys.

may27 lkbennett nude pumpsmay27 lk bennett nude pumps5may27 lk bennett nude pumps2

may27 saint laurent paris pumpsmay27 saint laurent paris pumps5may27 saint laurent paris pumps6may27 saint laurent paris pumps7

It's my birthday week! I'm celebrating on Saturday (which is when my birthday is) I'm going to Camden Rocks festival with a couple of friends, watch my friends play, and you are all invited to come by.

I also wanna get a new bag for my birthday...what's everybody's favourite bag right now?