wildfox mermaid
I got a new slogan t shirt to embarrass my friends with

i LOVE this belt! Marni

marni belt

A girl was wearing this the other day and I ran to H&M...hottdamn pink

hm bikini pink2
That "rose gold" ring from House of Harlow? I wore it twice and the rose gold disappeared. Good job House of Harlow

hm bikini pink
I created a new cocktail, it's champagne but it's drank with a straw. We very much approved. Happening.

IMG 2328a
But the fun times of my life are too dark to be photographed, literally.
So lets continue in changing rooms of unflattering spot lights. Did I show you my Zadig jacket? It's hot. It has turquoise shagged edges. Boom

IMG 2371b

This is how you drink kids. TWO glasses, one for getting drunk, one for getting sober. It's like Alice in Wonderland for people with issues.

glass and a glass
Just got a text from Le Baron, how opportune, see what i mean

Previously in the week I picked up this gorgeous piece of neck decor for my friend Trish. This was in Ibiza. Is this the same week? I have no idea, who cares, it's been a hell of a long week

amethyst necklaceamethyst necklace2
And this is what I got myself:

labradorite ibiza

c'est fini!


"I love the piano. Whenever I come across a piano player I take him home immediately"