So today I had a 70s party. Can you tell? nov18 70sparty3

The theme was the movie Blow, and while I was with my friend R today we found some screencaps where she's wearing a really similar dress (I haven't actually seen the movie) to this one that I got in LA...I think it's by Maison Scotch? With the red mongolian fur on top I think it's perfect. Chanel bag, didn't have time to change it. And a simple 70s makeup with some kohl, burgundy eyeshadow, glitter and red lipstick : ) PILE IT ON. This is after I came back.

nov18 70spartynov18 70sparty2nov18 70sparty4nov18 70sparty5

We were playing with my mic earlier, and of course I was singing Marilyn to R. And this song described today's conversations and conclusions really well. This one is dedicated to all my boys. You know I love you.