nov20 me

It was only a matter of time until you got to see my back alley. I like it cause it's private, so there's nobody in it and it's good for, you know, nothing.

Again I am wearing my COS coat. Layering today consisted on this Kooples quilted jacket, then a Joseph cashmere sweater under that, then a 2nd day cashmere t shirt under that. Someone send me a fresh supply of these t shirts, I love them.

nov20 me3nov20 me4

I took out my little gold rings. Balenciaga decided I decided they are now "in" again.

nov20 rings

Inspirational photo of the day (Warhol + Nico) Thank you Alex!


and look what coasters I found

nov20 coasters

you know me and my fascination with pinups. Now I can leave my glass on top of all of these fantastic women.