From le "Etiquette Handbook".

"Women may marry men for their money, character or social positions. Men marry women for their looks. All women know this"

"Oscar Wilde said "It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances". I hate the type of boorish individual who, i am told, has hidden beneath such a rough surface a heart of gold. Quite frankly, I am a busy person and I have no such time to dig"

"Unless she is ill a woman should get up and cook her husband's breakfast before he goes to work in the morning. It is bad manners to do this in curlers, without lipstick, in a shabby dressing-gown and down-at-heel slippers"

Well said. I only cook breakfast wearing red lipstick, in my Balenciaga heels and Agent Provocateur outfits.

"If a wife goes on a trip to visit her mother, the husband should telephone the night she arrives to make sure she has arrived there safely"

(Because lets face it- where ELSE, would she go?)