09/01/2014 REHEARSAL

jan10 violet Sweater: Sandro // Leggings: Helmut Lang // Shoes: LD Tuttle

I'm so sick, I don't even know how I managed to leave the house and plunge straight into the session. I'm fortunate that music is so healing to me, that it doesn't take me any energy to do it, as long as I can breathe I can pretty much make songs.

Today we went to The Premises with my new bass player, I really liked it there. I think this might be a winner.  They even have a cafe that you access from inside the studios and we all had a celebratory burger at the end of the day. I rented all the instruments I could think of- we had two bass, one piano and one keyboard, drums including cymbals, and of course our three guitars. Andres was playing one piano on each hand. It's pretty comical rehearsing with me, I'm really full-on. New bass player is looking at me with a face of bemusement and horror, I dictating him his every string move

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happy friiiiidaay xxx